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In the Heart of Bangkok


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Exclusive Residence in the heart of Bangkok

We discount from now until 31 Oct. 2014


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What Our Guests Say

Excellent Value and Great Location

Best comfort was fantastic. It is really value for money and the location is good. Just about 7 mins walk from the Asoke and Nana BTS and the Sukhumvit MRT is abit further off. We only took the cab after midnight when the trains werent running.

The room was clean and big, we satyed in a twin room with two double beds.

The staff was really friendly. Smiles all round.

There is a small pool on the top floor and a small gym. Breakfast was very simple.

Stayed there for 5 nights. Will definitelty come back to stay here when ever Im in bangkok.

John Christopher
United kingdom (April 25, 2019)

Best for the price

Staff is evertime very helpful and friendly. The only one hotel for this price with swimming pool. Hotel is quick to sukhumvit Road.

Was this review helpful.

Patrick Stefan
Germany (April 10, 2022)

Location is not bad actually the junction is soi 19

I went to this place, ask around and u can find it, good location actually very near to soi cowboy, i arrived at the hotel, good and friendly services by the hotel staffs, good english, i reach the room and ask to change a room to higher floor, not questions ask immediately change for me, very good !!! i ask for the nigjt market info, they call and check for me very good, never ask for any tips, i gave them 100baht really good. the room is great !!! the bed is superb comfortable!!! i really enjoy the sleep as i am a hard sleeper, its really good, aircon cools super fasts, with bath tub, hot water is working too, only flaw no toothpaste and toothbrush and breakfast i went in a too a sip of orange juices( if u compare to 5 star )then its not fair la, just expect home breakfast standard , but its did nt affeact me as i went out and enjoy breakfast, overall i will go again because its services and room very very good ! worth very worth , allow early check as i was early at 1pm and check out at 2pm too great !!

Edward Tan
U.S.A. June 01, 2023)

Dear BestComfort

My stay in Thailand, particularly, at BestComfort was wonderful. The facilities are as good as a big hotel and the rate is cheaper. The staff was very helpful and friendly. I love your boutique hotel - it is very cute and clean. Please thank all the staff for me, and I will be back on my next trip.

Bill Monsour

Dear Sir,

This was the second time at this hotel. The service and quality was equal to the first time we stayed here. Location is ideal for us, passing through Bangkok and doing a little shopping. Short walk to Skytrain and MRT station. Great coffee and bakery around the corner in soi 19. Will definitely continue to stay here - no need to look elsewhere. (Would be nice to have softer pillows though)

Walter Brown

I've stayed here many times. The staff is always friendly and the accommodation was clean and comfortable. Rates vary, so check the internet for good deals. Located about a block from Sukhumvit and centered between Nana and Soi Cowboy. Lots of places to eat nearby and the Asok BTS/MTR station is also close. If you want a room that feels like an apartment, stay here!

Mark Foy

Enjoyable stay here for several nights and would be back again on next trip. For tourists on budget and looking for well priced option this is good consideration, around the lively Asok and Sukhumvit region.

Manfred German. 15/1/2024

The hotel is best in the surrounding considering the budget. All the amenities are best and in working condition. Hotel room was very big and clean. Hotel staff are very polite and professional. I would definitely go here again. Definitely recommended. Best thing is all the staff members are young girls ^_^

Rahul | india | 7/2/2024

5 star standard for a 2 star price. The room are large and well thinked. The service is sincere and not fake. The location is calm but still "in" 5' walk from terminal 21, bts asok and mrt sukumvit or bts nana Plenty of animation nearby, food, 711 or anythink bkk can offer. I am living in thailand and for work reason live in hotel, I always stay in this hotel, and you will enjoy your stay.

Hiroshi Japanese. 8/3/2024

* all price subject to change without notice

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